What makes sounds ‘musical’

The site “What Music Really Is” doesn’t explain how ears work or what makes a great artist. It does offer a close and detailed look at the science behind musical tones.

“What Music Really İs” wishes to be: The idiot’s guide to what is music. Music explained. Everything about music. The definition of music. The science of music. Truth-Based Maths. The truth, and nothing but the truth about music. Forensic Musicology. Music Theory 101….

The site is a work in progress. Recommended for anyone interested in how their favorite instrument “works”, in sound design or synthesis, in building or tuning instruments, in acquiring a unique tone for their performances. (My favorite example is the guitar tone Brian May had built for use in Bohemian Rhapsody and other Queen hits.)

Just as white light is made of all colors, so what we commonly think of as “one sound” is made of many other simple sounds. And just as we can split white light into its color components with the help of a glass prism, so can (a complex) sound be split into its simple components with the help of modern technology.


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