Giorgio Moroder – Not just Disco

Medium article From Disco to Daft Punk details the long career of synthesist Giorgio Moroder.

In 1997 Donna Summer enjoyed a #1 hit in Britain with I Feel Love, which Moroder produced. The tracks were created using a Moog. At the time there were no sequencers or MIDI; engineer Robbie Wedel created custom electronics to lock the tracks together on a 16-track Studer recorder. When Eno heard I Feel Love, he said “This single is going to change the sound of club music for the next fifteen years.”

Moroder moved to the States and began orchestrating paramount soundtracks and movie scores. He earned himself an Academy Award in 1979 for Best Original Score for the film Midnight Express. Other classics American Gigolo, Top Gun, Scarface, and 1984’s restoration of Metropolis, are all credited or co-credited to Moroder.

The article includes photos and a long interview with Giorgio, born in Italy in 1940.


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