Checkit: Decoded Magazine

After a few minutes with online magazine Decoded you’ll recognize a substantial dance music site. There are at least a year’s worth of articles to browse here! Some snippets and links:

From the About Us page: “In a saturated and cloned dance music market, it is becoming all too common to merely emulate, rather than stand out, be unique and create memorable music…. we are looking for people who create memorable music that inspires and invokes emotion, rather than be disposable chart topping hits and mixes.”

Pier Bucci Interview: “For me the problem is that there is too much of the same, there is conformity and no risk. Dance music is living on the past of what is was accomplished on the 80s – 90s and the beginning of the 2000. There is no new substance. But always crisis leads people to create new things and that’s good. There are super good DJs and producers that they don‘t get to have so much exposure since dance music has become business and this factor creates monopoly.”

Bluffer’s Guide to Synthesizers

How to get a thick analog sound

Review : New Romanian artist BOg has rewired progressive house


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