Warptastical News for May 22-28 2016

Recent intrigues and delights

Falcon 9 nosecam video records its return from orbit.

World-class Internet hardware … undersea cables, data centers is explored by Ars Technica in 7000 words.
Timely, as this is the 150th anniversary of the laying of the first TransAtlantic telegraph cable.

Because of the Zika virus, over 100 prominent experts are urging postponement of the Olympic Games.

A strike by 35,000 cable techies on the US east coast is settled with Verizon after six weeks.

• It appears that Aristotle’s tomb has been found.
His ideas ruled for 2000 years, even though he maintained that an arrow flies because the air pushes it. The find means more rocks for tourists to visit.

‘Within Confines’ is an unusually fine two-hour ambient mix by Kevin Gabriel I’ve been enjoying for several weeks. Great music to read mysteries by.

50+ arcade games are removed from a derelict ship after rotting inside, unused, for over 30 years.

• A new neighborhood being built near Amsterdam plans to “grow its own food, power itself, and handle its own waste”. Best wishes.