Warptastical News for June 19-25 2016

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Music interview | Autechre has been making great, challenging experimental electronic for a long time. (via lectronice)

• The Rise and Fall of the Electronic Music Mixtape in America.

Homeless in Seattle. A five-part series.

There will only be more homeless people in the future, the professor said. More and more people will find themselves unable or unwilling to go along with the program. They too will be surplus …

Seattle’s tent cities.

• On July 4, The Juno spacecraft begins orbiting Jupiter.

This week’s Internet radio | 60s-80s guitar rock, British invasion?
To hear WORM Boston, Plug into: h t t p : //

• A glimpse at restoring a deluxe minicomputer from the mid-70s. (Xerox Alto)

• Man gets a refund on a pair of security cameras. A few days later, he’s watching the new owner’s home.

• Love hardware, DIY, electronics? Hackaday sez it’s growing by leaps and bounds. Cuz making your own crap is WAY more fun.

Ranking the pain of stinging insects.
Remember, the bee stings in life are free.
More? Try closeup photos of giant bugs of the world.
25 centimeters? Aw, that’s only 10 inches though.

Podcast NPR: Why the US resisted chip credit cards for decades. (18min)

• Utah sheriff spends $10,000 for a smut-sniffing dog.

• 6 in 10 links are shared without being actually read. Because it’s not how you feel, it’s how you look!

June 21 2016 | 50ya: (pirate) Radio City owner Calvert attacks and is killed by (pirate) Radio Caroline owner Smedley. | 30ya: An 8-foot wooden man is burned on a SF beach.

June 22 2016 | Democrats in the US House hold a sit-in to get some action on Gun Control. #NoBillNoBreak #GoodTrouble #Holdthefloor. | 40ya: Canada votes to end capital punishment. | 37ya: Founding of Infocom; publishes Zork 1 in 1980.

June 23 2016 | Britain votes to leave the EU. Now we face a month of trying to figure out who gained, and what. | 40ya: Release of film Logan’s Run. | 25ya: Release of Sonic the Hedgehog for Genesis.

June 25 2016 | 140ya: Custer’s Last Stand. | 25ya: Slovenia leaves Yugoslavia.

Example of Internet-age Un-news headline | “A Volcano in Iceland May be Close to Erupting.”
Riiiiiiiiigghht. Might’ent they all? And Elvis May be Close to Recuperating.

I think hard times are coming when we will be wanting the voices of writers who can see alternatives to how we live now and can see through our fear-stricken society and its obsessive technologies to other ways of being, and even imagine some real grounds for hope. We will need writers who can remember freedom.
– Ursula LeGuin



Warptastical News for June 12-18 2016


• Broadway musical Hamilton won 11 Tony awards … don’t even look at ticket prices.

Screw the planet. The world’s biggest banks are investing in fossil fuels.

• Beijing court to Apple: Your phone looks too much like a Chinese brand.

Movie Sci-Fi is Dumber than Book Sci-Fi. Shocking.

• Farmer who sold $1.9 million in fake ‘organic’ seeds goes to the slam and loses his toys. Who-da-ho?

This week’s Net radio The eclectic sounds of Radio Paradise are picked by “two real human beings” in California. Rock, world music, electronica, and more.

Podcast Nearly 200 podcasts (MP3 page) have piled up at Longform, a site that compiles long, well-written articles.

• The Panama canal, with a new set of locks, is now able to pass much larger containerships … up to 1200 feet long!

Native Ad Jill is cute, smart and popular and subscribes to ANXIETY Magazine.

• Famous Japan novelist about to be reborn as a robot.

• Is the universe real, or are we just floating inside a hologram?

Unpopular Music History 1967. (Warning Will Robinson!!)

• The dumber they are, the higher they fall.

Warptastical News for June 5-11 2016

I like to sit the wrong way in a rowboat. I already know where I’ve been.

• June 5, 110 years ago: The Lumiere brothers get a US patent for making fine color photos using potato starch.
Autochrome galleries: Nat.Geo.(12 pix). Christina, 1913.

Nitro cold-brew will bubble from 500 Starbux taps.

• Don’t get mad, get even? The five-foot-wide “Spite House” took it to the nth degree.

Mount Pinatubo, 25 years later.

• Scrabble? Words that end in ‘ump’.

A great SF rock album
released on June 9, 1978.
Click for a tube track.

VID   Sleeping chicken can’t get a break.

VID   Pat Kelly Lampoons all TED Talks for CBC.

VID   Zoom toward the Orion Nebula at 150 trillion miles per second.
(That would be Warp factor 930, Bob.)

VID   How a windup music box works. (EngineerGuy)

VID   I’ll have a funny NSFW piece of Theory of Everything without so much rat in it, K-Bye.

POD   In Futility Closet #108, a family was paid to “carry time” around London … for over a century. Society’s to blame.

RAD   KRFH, an eclectic college station (70+ DJs) in Arcata, NoCA is this week’s (always non-commercial) Net radio pick. College FM = tops.

• Cambodia may have contained the largest empire on Earth in the 12th century.
“I think that these airborne laser [Lidar] discoveries mark the greatest advance in the past 50 or even 100 years of our knowledge of Angkorian civilisation.”
We also learned this week that Lidar spotted the largest tree in the tropics … as tall as Big Ben.

• The hippies are back … at least, at Lightning in a Bottle.

• Mysterious stone spheres! In Bosnia! And in Franz Josef Land! And in Uncle Scrooge!

• June 11 For the 2nd day in a row, with temps in the 70s, a Queen’s guard member collapses during her ‘official’ 90th birthday celebration.

• Contemplate the future of podcasting. Seriously.

QUOTE: Nearly every social network now treats a link as just the same as it treats any other object … instead of seeing it as a way to make that text richer. (*)
NATCH. A link encourages people to leave Eden.
Fact: Google search was designed to lift up the sites that other sites link to.
That helped. After that, why include links from?
Captured audience. Why foster exploration?
Department of extended techno-babble

Decentralized Web Summit in SanFran. Cerf, Berners-Lee, Kahle, Doctorow (5:12:), et. al. redesigning the Web. Day 1 & 2 Sched Day 1 Vid Day 2 Vid

Warptastical News for May 29-Jun 4 2016

Recent Free range, low-fructose news

Street art, France

• The book was published in 1982. Readers are still looking for the treasures.

• Michelle, a 22y.o. BC undergrad, discovered 4 new exoplanets.

• These days it seems Food Has Eaten the Internet and It Tastes Like a Vampire Taco.

• 55 on June 1: What the 50-pound radios looked like in 1961 when FM stereo broadcasting began in the US. Gotta love those wood-look cabs.

• ‘Flix film thumbs-up: Expedition to the End of the World wherein Greenland confronts Danish artists and scientists. Wild. [YT clip]

Archangel is a new science fiction comic book by top-notch author William Gibson.

Space art of Chesley Bonestell

Back on stage: a lost Marx Brothers musical from 1924.

Artwork raises WiFi awareness

• This week’s Internet radio station: Soma FM (SF). How-to using VLC.

Rent is rising more slowly across the US.

• The music industry continues to battle Youtube (where more than half of US Internet users listen to music.)

Toy soldiers. Landr’s new ‘audio-mastering’ software gets a new one ripped at Ars Technica.

• A massive backlash against Windows 10 upgrades is building. EG software like Never 10 is emerging. And like GWX Control Panel.

• Mafia expert: Britain is the most corrupt country in the world. (*)

Fear of the Infinite Library

“In The Book of Sand, Borges describes an infinite book that nearly drives the narrator mad before he resolves to get rid of it.”