Warptastical News for May 29-Jun 4 2016

Recent Free range, low-fructose news

Street art, France

• The book was published in 1982. Readers are still looking for the treasures.

• Michelle, a 22y.o. BC undergrad, discovered 4 new exoplanets.

• These days it seems Food Has Eaten the Internet and It Tastes Like a Vampire Taco.

• 55 on June 1: What the 50-pound radios looked like in 1961 when FM stereo broadcasting began in the US. Gotta love those wood-look cabs.

• ‘Flix film thumbs-up: Expedition to the End of the World wherein Greenland confronts Danish artists and scientists. Wild. [YT clip]

Archangel is a new science fiction comic book by top-notch author William Gibson.

Space art of Chesley Bonestell

Back on stage: a lost Marx Brothers musical from 1924.

Artwork raises WiFi awareness

• This week’s Internet radio station: Soma FM (SF). How-to using VLC.

Rent is rising more slowly across the US.

• The music industry continues to battle Youtube (where more than half of US Internet users listen to music.)

Toy soldiers. Landr’s new ‘audio-mastering’ software gets a new one ripped at Ars Technica.

• A massive backlash against Windows 10 upgrades is building. EG software like Never 10 is emerging. And like GWX Control Panel.

• Mafia expert: Britain is the most corrupt country in the world. (*)

Fear of the Infinite Library

“In The Book of Sand, Borges describes an infinite book that nearly drives the narrator mad before he resolves to get rid of it.”

5 thoughts on “Warptastical News for May 29-Jun 4 2016

      1. That would be terrific – come on over! 😉 Remember that old Comedy of Errors we recorded from PBS back when we were little? I loved watching that with you guys. I wish I could remember more about it.


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