Warptastical News for June 5-11 2016

I like to sit the wrong way in a rowboat. I already know where I’ve been.

• June 5, 110 years ago: The Lumiere brothers get a US patent for making fine color photos using potato starch.
Autochrome galleries: Nat.Geo.(12 pix). Christina, 1913.

Nitro cold-brew will bubble from 500 Starbux taps.

• Don’t get mad, get even? The five-foot-wide “Spite House” took it to the nth degree.

Mount Pinatubo, 25 years later.

• Scrabble? Words that end in ‘ump’.

A great SF rock album
released on June 9, 1978.
Click for a tube track.

VID   Sleeping chicken can’t get a break.

VID   Pat Kelly Lampoons all TED Talks for CBC.

VID   Zoom toward the Orion Nebula at 150 trillion miles per second.
(That would be Warp factor 930, Bob.)

VID   How a windup music box works. (EngineerGuy)

VID   I’ll have a funny NSFW piece of Theory of Everything without so much rat in it, K-Bye.

POD   In Futility Closet #108, a family was paid to “carry time” around London … for over a century. Society’s to blame.

RAD   KRFH, an eclectic college station (70+ DJs) in Arcata, NoCA is this week’s (always non-commercial) Net radio pick. College FM = tops.

• Cambodia may have contained the largest empire on Earth in the 12th century.
“I think that these airborne laser [Lidar] discoveries mark the greatest advance in the past 50 or even 100 years of our knowledge of Angkorian civilisation.”
We also learned this week that Lidar spotted the largest tree in the tropics … as tall as Big Ben.

• The hippies are back … at least, at Lightning in a Bottle.

• Mysterious stone spheres! In Bosnia! And in Franz Josef Land! And in Uncle Scrooge!

• June 11 For the 2nd day in a row, with temps in the 70s, a Queen’s guard member collapses during her ‘official’ 90th birthday celebration.

• Contemplate the future of podcasting. Seriously.

QUOTE: Nearly every social network now treats a link as just the same as it treats any other object … instead of seeing it as a way to make that text richer. (*)
NATCH. A link encourages people to leave Eden.
Fact: Google search was designed to lift up the sites that other sites link to.
That helped. After that, why include links from?
Captured audience. Why foster exploration?
Department of extended techno-babble

Decentralized Web Summit in SanFran. Cerf, Berners-Lee, Kahle, Doctorow (5:12:), et. al. redesigning the Web. Day 1 & 2 Sched Day 1 Vid Day 2 Vid


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