Warptastical News for June 12-18 2016


• Broadway musical Hamilton won 11 Tony awards … don’t even look at ticket prices.

Screw the planet. The world’s biggest banks are investing in fossil fuels.

• Beijing court to Apple: Your phone looks too much like a Chinese brand.

Movie Sci-Fi is Dumber than Book Sci-Fi. Shocking.

• Farmer who sold $1.9 million in fake ‘organic’ seeds goes to the slam and loses his toys. Who-da-ho?

This week’s Net radio The eclectic sounds of Radio Paradise are picked by “two real human beings” in California. Rock, world music, electronica, and more.

Podcast Nearly 200 podcasts (MP3 page) have piled up at Longform, a site that compiles long, well-written articles.

• The Panama canal, with a new set of locks, is now able to pass much larger containerships … up to 1200 feet long!

Native Ad Jill is cute, smart and popular and subscribes to ANXIETY Magazine.

• Famous Japan novelist about to be reborn as a robot.

• Is the universe real, or are we just floating inside a hologram?

Unpopular Music History 1967. (Warning Will Robinson!!)

• The dumber they are, the higher they fall.


2 thoughts on “Warptastical News for June 12-18 2016

  1. This is why I don’t go for big banks anymore – they’re all jerks!

    Loving Radio Paradise, thanks for the link!

    Disappointed there is no picture of Soseki’s robot!

    Anxiety Magazine should really have more followers.. shouldn’t it?!


    1. In re the robot: This is one of those modern, Internet news articles, which announces that something is GOING to happen, Real Soon Now. So I’m guessing the ‘robot’ is running on a mainframe in Nishogakusha University. According to this article the ‘android’ will be unveiled in time for Soseki’s ‘death-date’ on Dec. 9. Hold your breath!


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