Warptastical News for June 19-25 2016

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Music interview | Autechre has been making great, challenging experimental electronic for a long time. (via lectronice)

• The Rise and Fall of the Electronic Music Mixtape in America.

Homeless in Seattle. A five-part series.

There will only be more homeless people in the future, the professor said. More and more people will find themselves unable or unwilling to go along with the program. They too will be surplus …

Seattle’s tent cities.

• On July 4, The Juno spacecraft begins orbiting Jupiter.

This week’s Internet radio | 60s-80s guitar rock, British invasion?
To hear WORM Boston, Plug into: h t t p : //

• A glimpse at restoring a deluxe minicomputer from the mid-70s. (Xerox Alto)

• Man gets a refund on a pair of security cameras. A few days later, he’s watching the new owner’s home.

• Love hardware, DIY, electronics? Hackaday sez it’s growing by leaps and bounds. Cuz making your own crap is WAY more fun.

Ranking the pain of stinging insects.
Remember, the bee stings in life are free.
More? Try closeup photos of giant bugs of the world.
25 centimeters? Aw, that’s only 10 inches though.

Podcast NPR: Why the US resisted chip credit cards for decades. (18min)

• Utah sheriff spends $10,000 for a smut-sniffing dog.

• 6 in 10 links are shared without being actually read. Because it’s not how you feel, it’s how you look!

June 21 2016 | 50ya: (pirate) Radio City owner Calvert attacks and is killed by (pirate) Radio Caroline owner Smedley. | 30ya: An 8-foot wooden man is burned on a SF beach.

June 22 2016 | Democrats in the US House hold a sit-in to get some action on Gun Control. #NoBillNoBreak #GoodTrouble #Holdthefloor. | 40ya: Canada votes to end capital punishment. | 37ya: Founding of Infocom; publishes Zork 1 in 1980.

June 23 2016 | Britain votes to leave the EU. Now we face a month of trying to figure out who gained, and what. | 40ya: Release of film Logan’s Run. | 25ya: Release of Sonic the Hedgehog for Genesis.

June 25 2016 | 140ya: Custer’s Last Stand. | 25ya: Slovenia leaves Yugoslavia.

Example of Internet-age Un-news headline | “A Volcano in Iceland May be Close to Erupting.”
Riiiiiiiiigghht. Might’ent they all? And Elvis May be Close to Recuperating.

I think hard times are coming when we will be wanting the voices of writers who can see alternatives to how we live now and can see through our fear-stricken society and its obsessive technologies to other ways of being, and even imagine some real grounds for hope. We will need writers who can remember freedom.
– Ursula LeGuin



4 thoughts on “Warptastical News for June 19-25 2016

  1. The article on homelessness is just heartbreaking, but so honest. I want to continue to find more ways to help. Hoping we have another volunteer event soon. Supposed to be focusing on homelessness and helping with it, but mostly we just work on parks. Getting fed up with the lack of activity. Time to start poking around and seeing what I can find out about taking steps on my OWN.

    P.S. Your indieweb link isn’t working right! Have you checked out Crosscut yet?


    1. Ah rats. OK, Indieweb link fixed, thanks for the note! (Forgot that little http:// thing. Heh.)

      A little bright side on the homelessness thing is the construction of those little room-size shelters. That was a move in the right direction. Hope that experiment pans out well.


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