Warptastical News for June 26 – July 2 2016

Yes, really!

• A California woman won $10,000 from Microsoft in small claims court after Win10 bricked her machine.

• George Orwell’s PERFECT cup of tea.

• The short story and long life of the Elcaset tape deck.
A paperback-book sized cassette … quarter-inch tape at double the speed … topped all but the best of the pro decks.

• Way too often in film, Gender-bent == Villain.

• China is running itself out of water. As one result, capital city Beijing has been sinking 3 feet every ten years. Not as bad as Mexico City, sinking 3 feet every three years!

• Ever heard the air ‘crackling’ during an aurora display? Finnish scientists say it’s not in your head, but 250 feet over your head. And they have lots of recordings.

• This French horticulturist created more than 200 varieties of lilacs… among many others.

• The rare gas helium has been found bubbling out of the ground in Tanzania. An estimated 54 billion cu. ft. of it! (The world uses about 8 BCf per year.)

Daphne’s wonderful Oramics machine.
“As a child in the 1930s, Daphne Oram dreamed of a way to turn drawn shapes into sound, and she dedicated her life to realising that goal.” BBC documentary (audio, 44m). Yes, there’s an app.

• What musician doesn’t wanna join a United States military band?

Dept. of Wallpaper | Moss forest, Japan

This week’s Internet radio | Soma FM offers 30 ‘channels’ for your listening pleasure, with several bit-rate choices.
EG Cliqhop (right-click-to-copy-link) offers “blips’n’bleeps backed w/ beats.”
| Oh, and … I’ll just leave Xiph directory here.

Sci-Tech zone | Audio beamforming. | He noticed tea leaves floating upstream.

June 26 2016 | 60ya: In New York, the US FDA begins burning the books, papers and journals of psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich.

June 27 2016 | 50ya: Goth soap opera Dark Shadows debuts on ABC. And Frank Zappa releases first album Freak Out!. | 30ya: Release of Jim Henson movie Labyrinth.

June 28 2016 | 47ya: The Stonewall Uprising. Stonewall just became a National Monument. | 170ya: Adolphe Sax patents the saxophone.

June 29 2016 | 80ya: NBC broadcasts the first HD TV (343 lines) from atop the Empire State. | 60ya: Eisenhower signs the law that creates the Interstate Highway System.

July 1 2016 | 75ya: NBC broadcasts the first official TV commercial. For a watch. Bulova pays $9.

If these people are sane, as they believe themselves to be, let us all hasten into what they would call insanity.
— Ajnabi, medieval Sufi teacher


2 thoughts on “Warptastical News for June 26 – July 2 2016

  1. Thank you, Department of Wallpaper! I loves me some Japanese moss!

    Happy belated birthday Dark Shadows!

    Loving your roundups. 😉


  2. You may share my years-long wallpaper best-ofs. DS was so OUT THERE at that time! Warp’s fun to put together, inspired similar roundups I’ve surfed for years.


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