Warptastical News for July 10-16 2016

• A cavity-stopping fluid dentists can paint on.

• What it’s like getting your genome sequenced.

• You’ll soon see the new Universal Flash Storage (UFS) cards (530MB/sec read!), replacing Micro-SD cards.

• The Library of Congress has a website they call Everyday Mysteries. BUT: if there’s an answer, what’s the mystery?
OTOH, there are plenty of mysteries in D.C. already.

• Anu Partanen says: What Finland and its neighbors do is actually walk the walk of opportunity that America only talks.

• “We are the warning signal.

• A person with 90% of their brain missing, active and mostly functional.

• Sales of music downloads continue to crash.

In 2015 a new class of antibiotic was discovered. None too soon.

14 gravity-defying funiculars.

• Colm Hogan reflects on Mixtape Memories & Deadbeat Dads.
I’m not sure what the solutions are for our current predicaments. I just know I love this tune.”

• Care to time travel? Listen to selections from 78RPM records from Africa.

• This pure CSS 3D animated environment will give your browser a workout.

Cute little homes are carved out of caring. And, maybe a little mud.

Google “deletes” artist’s blog, erasing 12 years of work. And there, ladies and gents, is The Cloud for ya. In a nutshell.

Apart from news …

This week’s Internet radio | In the world of classical-music FM radio, Minnesota Public Radio‘s remains one of the best. It’s found online here.
For those who prefer the melodic calm of the renaissance, there’s Hampshire, UK’s Ancient FM; tune in online here.

Podcast | The New York Public Library Podcast. RSS Feed. Website.
| The Longform Podcast. RSS Feed.
| On Being with Krista Tippett. RSS Feed. Website.

Useful factoid | Vitamin B12, needed to make red blood cells, was first isolated in 1948 and is only made by certain bacteria and archea. Even a slight B12 deficiency (caused by diet or disease) can cause fatigue, depression and poor memory. Over time it can damage the brain and nervous system.
Until the 1920s, the disease pernicious anemia was common; it was discovered that eating raw liver effected a cure. PA results when the intestines lack, or cannot properly absorb, B12. Mary Lincoln probably had it.

Best wry humor | Toward the end of Oscar-winner The Big Short, two guys sneak into the empty, trashed offices of recently bankrupt investment company Lehman Brothers.
Magaro (sighs): This isn’t how I pictured it.
Wittrock: What did you think we’d find?
Magaro: Grownups.

This week brought to you by Pokemon Go.

July 10 2016 | 160ya: Birthday of long forgotten, now celebrated inventor Nikola Tesla. Inventions | 0ya: Boon Sheridan’s garden and driveway are invaded by Pokémon Go players.

July 11 2016 | 30ya: Infocom releases interactive fiction computer game Leather Goddesses of Phobos.

July 12 2016 | 70ya: Instrument maker Harold Rhodes reveals his portable piano, the 38-key Rhodes piano. Before long there’s an electric version.

July 13 2016 | 48ya: Toronto band Steppenwolf releases hit song Born to Be Wild. | 0ya: Shayla Wiggins, a Wyoming teen hunting Pokemon, finds a dead body.

July 14 2016 | 54ya: Ray Stevens’ song Ahab the Arab makes the top-40 charts. | 2ya: Citigroup agrees to a $7 Billion fine for mortgage fraud. | 1ya: Pluto gets its first visit.

July 15 2016 | 4ya: Korean singer Psy releases massive hit song Gangnam Style. The video has 2.6 Billion views.

July 16 2016 | 65ya: Publication of Salinger novel The Catcher in the Rye. | 10ya: Launch of Twitter. What are you doing?


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