Warptastical News for July 24-30 2016

Antidote for those post-convention blues

Will Smith’s biggest entrance. Matt Damon’s future pick for Vice President!

A thermometer is not Republican or Democrat.

• The US is finally building its first offshore windfarm. Better late than never. (For comparison, World’s biggest.)

• Distraction from the heat? Hallmark’s line of Star Trek themed Christmas ornaments.

• The Solar Impulse sun-powered plane has completed its trip around the world on July 25. It took 17 months.

Am I Emo? A revisit after 14 years.

• 2016 astronomy photo of the year contest entries. (Run by Royal Observatory Greenwich; 2700 entries in 2015)

Big bad Russian machine lays down a railroad track. Ties, gravel, the whole works.

Ruins of Hitler’s Olympic village. (Atlas Obscura. About.)

• The world isn’t getting worse; our info’s getting better.

Dangers of the internet of things. (Schneier)

Parkour in troubled Kashmir.

History in the Making | He was mocked for being England’s first umbrella user. (Hated by cab drivers.)

• Story of the guys who started Zimride Lyft after their first biz fail in 2012.

• Consumer Reports names 15 supplement ingredients to avoid.

• Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s bird videos. Studying birds since 1929. Birdsong archive.
Bonus track: Mozart’s starling.

<aside> Most of my screen wallpaper is pictures of the great outdoors. Maybe it’s the city living. I wonder: if I lived in the great outdoors, what would my collection look like? Tagged garage doors? Telephone poles festooned with flyers? Does your collection have a theme? </aside>

Facepalm Corner | A lame-ass chemical test found donut glaze to be positive for methamphetamine.


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