Warptastical News for Jul 31-Aug 6 2016

Strange days indeed. All the way to Eleven.

• Gamers eagerly await the upcoming release of No Man’s Sky. What you need to know.
Also: Interview with the band that made the sci-fi sounds.

What Difference Does It Make is an insight-full feature-length film, about the lives of musicians of all stripes, young to old, pro to beginner.

Suzanne Ciani: Diva of the diode. 60s NY commercial synthesist.

• Over at MeFi, the story of the British EMI label includes a fine link collection to videos illustrating its past 50 years.

Cooking with wasted food.
The nonprofit has rescued excess restaurant, corporate, catering, hotel, hospital and grocery store food for almost 30 years.

• (Half of the) 10 rules for negotiating a job offer. Good stuff from the guy who wrote this (longer).

• Oxford scholar writes that swearing is good for you. Utter bollocks, stupid git.
Stephen Fry (1) (2)

• The ground is melting out from under the Alaska Highway, built during WW2.

Beepi and Carvana: New ways to buy a car … without the dealership!

• Thieves use laptop to steal 30 jeeps and drive them to Mexico.

TV’s are still too complicated.

• Washington State AG goes after Comcast for $100 mill for worthless service plans.

• Famed hacker starts business to grade software on security with his wife, an ex-NSA mathematician.

Oh joy | Batteries on laptops or phones can be used to track their location.

Geek corner | For laughs and memories, I recommend an episode or two of the old TV show Computer Chronicles (started in 1983). (Online resolution is low; you may want to download higher.)

<aside>Things done thousands of years ago that can’t be explained? Some people like to blame aliens. Because? No way some ‘cave man’ was smarter than them. </aside>


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