Warptastical News for Aug 7-13 2016

They Live

20 important lessons for all 20 somethings.

The messy end of alternative rock. A detailed overview, part of 1996 Week at AVClub.
Bonus track: 100 Greatest One Hit Wonders is part of Dave Tompkins’ big, big music database.

• AVClub looks back at the 2000s Dance-Punk revival. Yeah Yeah Yeah.

L.A. record store photo-essay.
Or … how about Radio in 80s NYC?

• The Atlantic picked out 100 exceptional works of journalism. (Apparently most great journalists live in the US.)

• Nat. Geographic offers printable USGS map quads (topographic, 1:24,000) for all your wandering needs.
Browser-only: USGS tool. USGS FAQs.

• Heard of the new Link NYC‘s kiosks? Here’s how they look and work.

• Where physicist Marie Curie grew up (Russia-controlled Poland), women couldn’t attend college. So she attended Warsaw’s illegal Flying University.

• Won an Olympic medal? Don’t forget to pay your taxes!

10 interesting facts about DNA.

• It’s possible that Venus was once a balmy paradise.

Tabby’s star is dimming faster than any theory can explain.
Hope it isn’t an approaching fleet of Reavers.

1000 new Mars pictures from the amazing HIRISE camera.

• Microsoft sent a Secure Boot backdoor into the wild where it got found.

Will the BBC vans be able to sniff streamers watching without a license?

NYT: Too poor to afford the Internet.
In all five boroughs … libraries are lending a total of 10,000 cellphone-size Wi-Fi hot-spot devices for up to a year in neighborhoods that are digital deserts.”
(Comment) I live in a country with a minimum wage of $58 a month (Ukraine) and yet the internet is one of the few things that pretty much anyone can afford: high speed connections (50-100mbps) cost about $2-4; rarely more.”

The Egyptians made their rocks from four main ingredients; limestone, lime, water and mud.

Story of feminist punk in 33 songs. (via MeFi’s ‘Filthy Light Thief’)

• The List of Lists of Lists of Lists. Yes for real. WARNING: Web 1.0 fell into this!


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