News for Aug 28- Sep 3 2016


• CMU expert : We’re not even close to self-driving cars.
Bonus track : Computers can’t detect phony ‘news’.

Print books remain much more popular than digital books.

How indie record stores survive these days.

You’ve cut yourself, now what?
“ Some of the best trauma centers in the country use plain ol’ tap water to rinse cuts, which is what I recommend. If it’s particularly grimy, a tiny bit of soap and a clean washcloth might be necessary to get all the dirt out.”

DIY Lab | Traditional animation, phooey. A game dev tries his hand at rotoscoping a video. (Long)

What starlight teaches us about space (pretty much everything!).

• Living in Sweden is a real howl.

• Amtrak gets a whole $2.45 billion to upgrade its NE corridor from a cheap-ass US Congress.
(Why … that’s almost enough to build a small streetcar line!)

• The Juno spacecraft has returned the first image of Jupiter’s north pole.

• The world’s largest battery provides power backup for Fairbanks, Alaska.

• Why the inventor of the Web is no friend of Facebook.

There’s two kinds of people in this world, my fren. Those who know how to wrap a cable (Roadie wrap) and those who don’t.
(If you have trouble remembering how to do this, you’re not alone.)

• Was it really lightning that killed 300 reindeer in Norway?

RIP Mexican singer-songwriter Juan Gabriel. His 1984 album Recuerdos, Vol. II remains Mexico’s all-time best-selling album.

See for yourself the never published Jack Kirby comic version of surreal 1967 TV show The Prisoner.
(Living in a world where you’re constantly hassled by Number Two ain’t all that surreal!)

• In one second Samsung’s new SSD pumps out up to 6.4 gigabytes … more than a full DVD.

Some parents won’t let their children study literature, philosophy, history, art … even though:
“ Only 27 percent of people have jobs that are substantially related to their college majors.”

State of the art in anti-aging.

Seattle jury nails Russian who stole 2.9 million US credit card numbers.

• The FDA has banned antibacterial soaps for consumers.
(Tinkering with a 4-billion-year-old biosphere? We chose poorly.)

 QUOTE   The first step to a better world is imagining a better world. — Cory Doctorow


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