WW News for Sep 4-10 2016

Trek’s 50 !

•Anniversary articles
– Consider the role that the politics of Star Trek played in the success of the series.
– On the lighter side, how the Captains have ‘rocked a bold look’.
– On the practical side, how to stream all the shows.
– The Register opines why maybe it’s just time to move on.

• A little history:
Liftoff, Sep. 8 1966
The original opening and theme
– Roddenberry on To Tell the Truth (1974)
– Ultimate fansite: Memory Alpha
Trek movie music
13 SF authors recall how the show influenced them.

Also 50 this week: Beatles album Revolver, and ABC-TV scifi show The Time Tunnel.

Warp’s week …

• The ever-charming yet deeply-concerned Facebook has deleted a post by the Prime Minister of Norway for a world-famous news photo capable of upsetting one or two members of its sensitive majority. /s

• Stubborn landlord mom won’t raise the rent on her San Francisco apartment.

You’re how old? NYTimes explores workplace ageism.

• Don’t let your rental car remember everything your phone tells it.

• The privacy wars are about to get worse.

Sep. 7, 2016 | Paper cut: The Newspaper Association of America changes its name to the News Media Alliance.

• The bulldozers were stopped in North Dakota, where at least 6 protestors were bitten by dogs. (More) (More)

Seattle’s bike Batman beats the cops to bike thieves.

• Lego’s problem: Business is too good.

• The Pirates are a political force in Iceland.

Gone surfin’

Lucky Strike. 36 in a row? Officially, it has only happened 21 times. Bill Fong’s going for it. (long)

• The 2015 best-novel Hugo went to Liu Cixin’s The Three-Body Problem, the first English translation to win the award.
(The 2016 award went to N. K. Jemisin novel The Fifth Season.)

• Take the word uncopyrightable. How many letters are repeated?? It’s tied for longest with dermatoglyphics.

DIY downhill ‘gravity train’ ride in Colombia. Watch out for 14 miles of stray livestock and weeds!
Bonus: DIY train #2 … motorized.

• HARD TO SAY IT? Ask VOA: Browse by region to learn to pronounce names, places. (English transliterations)

• Before the 1920s alarm clocks were rare. Instead, there were window-tappers.

• State of the Art: clips of the Top 50 Dance/EDM hits in August 2016. Top 3: Chainsmokers, Bieber, Rihanna.

• Life pro tips: moving day etiquette.

• Coming up:
– Sep. 24. Nirvana’s album Nevermind and the song Smells Like Teen Spirit are 25 years old.
Turns out Cobain’s friend, riot grrl Tobi Vail wore Teen Spirit deodorant.

Dept. of Wallpaper | Milky Way in Oregon.

 QUOTE  Aging means giving up, de-accessioning, and knowing that wealth and worldly achievement count for little. Like urban life, it makes you feel a nobody. Paradoxically, it also makes you feel alive. (*)