News for August 21-27

Everybody Wants To Rule the World

August 21, 2017 Not since 1979 has a total eclipse of the Sun been visible on the US mainland. This will be a rare opportunity to enjoy an awesome experience … visible on a line from Oregon to South Carolina. Not too early to think about making reservations.

• Colorful alchemy documents from the 1700s. –>

This years Hugo Award winners are …

• A US doctor describes a visit to an English health care facility.
To receive this care all my cousin had to do was provide her name and birthdate. No copayments, no preauthorizations…”

• Fans don’t wanna let go of aging Japanese boy band SMAP.
(All 55 of the band’s singles reached the top-10.)
Bonus: Basics of how Japanese writing works.

There are two kinds of people in this world, my fren. Those who sit on chairs, and those who sit on the floor.

Capitol Reef

August 25 | The US Park Service is 100 years old. Here are thousands of great park images to enjoy.
Many more at Flickr.
17 hidden spots in National Parks.

• How New Yorkers cope with rent.

Maybe the homeless are supposed to just kill themselves?

How Fuhu went bankrupt.

Questions seldom answered
Airliner tires. Cost $2000-$90000 each and last a few hundred landings.

• A solar-powered watercraft piloted itself from Cali to Hawaii in 43 days. And is now on it’s way to New Zealand.
Reminds me of my favorite childhood book, Paddle-to-the-Sea.IS Which, I just learned, was made into a film in 1966.

• Software bug bounty-hunters are raking it in legally hacking.

• Trailer for Herzog’s new film about the internet.

• A college education isn’t about job training.

• Wired worries that the 25-year-old Web Is Still a Long Way From Reality:
The web was promised to provide everyone with a voice, with the chance to speak their mind without being filtered through a corporate intermediary.”
I don’t think ‘reality’ means what they think it means. Wired is pretty damned corporate.

• Now online: (some of) Charles Hoy Fort’s Notes.
(Fort wrote The Book of the Damned based on such notes.)

2 thoughts on “News for August 21-27

  1. Ahhh, loving the visuals, very fun explore. Think I’ll add that site to my reading list too.

    Adding Hugo winners that look interesting to my reading list!

    Wonder how long that solar-powered craft will take? Pretty fun idea – far less traffic for it to run into than a self-driving car!


    1. Alchemy pix are WILD. I have a bookful, they’re puzzlingly delightful.

      I think HI->NZ is a bit farther than CA-HI, so … 60 days? I’ll try to remember to check in October. Doubt if it has comms. It’s such a fun and impressive idea … just like Paddle was.


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